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Mission Statement

Protect The Most Precious Jewel In The World, YOU!

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Our mission is to raise awareness by informing both teens and women globally who suffer in silence with pain, heavy bleeding , unhealthy menstrual cycles and the potential toxicity of tampon use.

Our goal is to bring light to a taboo subject of female cycles, that has silenced females from all cultures for many years.

Our platform will educate females on the important roles of keeping a healthy cycle by encouraging getting active, healthy eating, healthy product choices and community awareness events.

The silent suffering stops with the voice of our campaign.

Reign Fundraiser

Help Your Organization Reach Their Financial Goals!

Help your organization support the Reign Premium Sanitary Napkin Fundraiser. Your organization has collaborated with the Justice For My Jewel Campaign (jfmj.org), which sheds light on the silent suffering females have endured because of the chemical and inferior makeup of the tampons and sanitary napkins made available to them. The campaign has become the voice of the silent suffering and Reign has become the healthier alternative.

Benefits of Supporting Your Organization

Helps support the organizations mission
Helps raise community awareness
Helps them reach their financial goals
Helps protect women and young girls

Reign is Exclusively designed by Jewel Sanitary Napkins LLC
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